Monday, October 13, 2014

Navagraha Temples in Kumbakonam


There are only two temples for Sun in India, the Konark in North and Suriyanarkoil in South. There is no idol worship in Konark as in the southern temple. Suriyanar (Sun) Temple tower is 15.5 meter high. It has three tiers. At the top of the tower there are five kalasam. Outside the Rajagopuram (main tower) in the north side there is a holy tank called Surya Pushkarni


Chandra Bagavan whose dress is white and as his grains were paddy and raw rice. He has to be offered with raw rice pudding mixed with jaggery, white flowers (White Arali) and white clothing. It is believed that this pooja will remove obstacles in one’s life.


Lord Muruga as Muthukumaraswamy was favelin at this shrine with which he cleared the heart of Surapadma in battle.


This temple is also known as Aadi Chidambaram, Natarajar's dance here is known as Hasti Natanam. This Shivasthalam is one of the 6 most sacred places on the banks of river Cauvery which is par with the temple at Varanasi.


There are shrines to Surya, Gurumoksheswarar, Somanathar, Saptarishi nathar, Someswarar, Vishnunathar and Bhrameesar, Kasi Viswanathar and Kasi Visalakshi.


Sukracharya however was angry with Vishnu, and cursed him. It is believed that Vishnu prayed to Shiva at Kanjanur, where he was relieved of the curse. Shiva not only blessed Vishnu here,


The swayambu was in the Darba jungles here, scars caused by Darba could be seen even now. The Pachai Pathigam in Thevaram is dedicated to the Lord.


Suryan and Chandran complained to Lord Vishnu as they have noticed that. Lord Vishnu came to know that and hit the Asura on the head in anger with the spoon in his hand.


In the stone inscription on the temple of Vikrama Chola is mentioned as "Rasara Valanattu Akkur Nattu Thalai Chenguttu Thiurvalampuram" and the deities "Valampuri Udayar" and "Thandangan Nachiyar". Appar, Sambandhar and Sundarar have sung hymns in this temple.
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