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Thirumazhisai Alwar History

Name : Thirumazhisai Alwar
Place: Sri Rangam
Star : Rohini
Hamsam : Sudharsana Chakkaram
Month : Kaarthigai
Year: Purthurmadhi
Birth Day : Wednesday

In this thondai Naadu, Thirumazhisai sthalam is found where lots of Munis and Yogis are found. Among them, onmunivar by named Bargava muni was found who didn't have a baby. Because of this, he did tapas towards the Perumal and did a Yaagam by named "Sathram". As a result of the Yaagam, his wife gave birth to 
a baby which is said to be the Hamsam of Sudharsana Chakkaram of Sriman Narayanan.

The baby was found in an incomplete manner it did not have hands, legs etc. On seeing the baby, both of his parents, Bargava muni and his wife were worried and felt bad for the baby and left it into a Perambhu ditch. After they left, the Perumal along with Lakshmi Devi came towards the baby and blessed him with his sevai and as a result, the baby was completely filled up with all of his parts and his Gnana seemed to be enlightening. After this, the Perumal and Lakshmi Devi disappeared from that place.
An Andhanan(stranger) by name "Thiruvaalan", was coming along that side and heard the baby crying. He didn't have any child, so he thought that the God has gifted him this and took the baby towards his house. 

On seeing the child, the Andhanan's wife, Pangaya selvi felt so happy and she tried to feed the baby with milk. But, the baby didn't drink it and it didn't even sleep. But, his health didn't seem to be losing. This miracle news spread all over the place and an old man was found in Thirumazhisai to see the child. When he saw the child, he noted the shine on his face and thought the child would be a blessed child of the Perumal. Since, the child was blessed by the Emperumaan, it was named as Thirumazhisai piraan. He gave a cup of cow's pure milk and asked the child to drink it. The child accepted it and drank the milk. On seeing this, both the Andhanan and his wife were happy and asked the old man to come daily to feed the milk.

Old man told the Andhanan that the remaining milk that the child has kept should be taken by his wife, Pangaya selvi, so that she might give birth to a child. As told by the old man, daily, they took the milk that was kept by the child. As the days passed on, Pangaya selvi gave birth to a Male child and they named him as Kani kannan. Kani Kannan was taught will all sorts of good vedic philosophies and spiritual books. He became the close friend of Thirumazhisai piraan and kani kannan started to treat Thirumazhisai piraan as his Guru. He learnt lots of spiritual knowledge from his Guru and followed him.

Once, Thirumazhipiraan went to Thiruvekka, the Avathara sthalam of Poigai Alwar and worshipped the Yadhotthakaari Perumal who is found in Aadhi seshan. He wanted to stay there for some time and started to be in Dhyana stage. At that time, an old lady was working for Thirumazhisai piran. On seeing the help rendered by her, he was so happy about her work. Hence, he asked her that he shall give her one varam(boon).

She asked him that she is feeling bad about her old age and as a result she asked him to changeher into a youth. Seeing the lady, he changed her to a beautiful young woman.
Once, the Pallava king was passing by the side of the young lady, found her and was stunned to see her beauty. After going to his palace, he sent his soldiers and sent a message that he wanted to marry her. She accepted his wish and they both got married and led the life happily. The days passed on and king became old and at the same time, his wife seems to be young and beautiful. He asked her about the secret of her beauty. She told about her story and how she became young and beautiful. 

On hearing the secret, the king sent some of soldiers to Thirumizhisai alwar's place to ask his Sishyan, Kani Kannan to come to his palace. Kani Kannan went to the palace and met the king. The king said that his Guru Thirumazhisai Alwar should sing a poem on praising him. But, Kani Kannan told that his guru is said to be blessed by the Emperumaan and his mouth will praise only the God, but not the king. As satisfied by this, the king asked if atleast he (Kani Kannan) could praise him through his poem. But, Kani kannan refused to do so and said that he is not an ordinary person who praises for the need of ornaments and food and he will follow his Guru by praising only the Perumal. 

The king was angry on hearing the words from Kani Kannan and ordered him that he would be killed. After this, Kani Kannan went straight towards Thirumazhisai Alwar and explained all about what had happened to him in the palace. As ordered by the king, Kani kannan started to leave Thiruvekka. Hearing this, Thirumazhisai alwar stopped Kani Kannan and said he is also coming along with him, since they were found together from the Childhood. While vacating from Thiruvekka, they crossed the Yadhothakari temple.
Thirumazhisai Alwar told to the Perumal that since Kani Kannan is leaving Kanchipuram, he is also going along with him and he asked the Perumal to get up from the Aadhiseshan, the mat of the Perumal to roll it and he wanted the Perumal to join them. As said by the alwar, the Perumal rolled his mat (Aadhiseshan) and all these 3 quit from Kanchi. After the Perumal went out along with the Alwar and Kani Kannan, the entire empire seemed to be dull and all the people feared that the world is going to end.
The king heard from his palace officials that the Perumal has also gone out from the temple along with them and that's the reason for the empire becoming dull. The king realised his fault and went towards the place where they stayed for one night. The king felt for his fault and asked
Kani Kannan to return back to Kanchi. As requested by the king, Kani kannan accepted his words and started towards Thiruvekka. Thirumazhisai alwar came along with Kani Kannan, sang on the Perumal that since Kani Kannan is returning back he can also return and can sleep on the Aadhiseshan on his Vekka temple.

After sometime, Thirumazhisai Alwar along with Kani Kannan left from Thiruvekka and went towards Thirukkudanthai. After worshipping the Perumal, Alwar went to cauvery river and left all of his Prabhandhams that he had written in praise of the Perumal. Except Thirucchanda Virutham (which has 120 Paasurams) and Naanmughan Thiruvandhathi (which has 90 Paasurams) did not merge into the river, instead they came towards his legs. He took both of the Andhathees and went towards AaravamudhapPerumal and did Mangalasasanam in Kudanthai temple. For more years, he stayed in Thirukkudanthai and sang lots of Paasurams on Perumal. In Thirucchanda Virutham, he explains about Sriman Narayanan who is found in various Divya Desams as :

"Nindrathu                                    Enthai                                    Ooragathu
Irundhathu                                   Enthai                                     Paadagathu
Andru                                            Vakkanaik                              kidanthu
Ennilaadha                                                                                  Munnellaam
Andru                                            Naan                                       Piranthilen
 Pirandhapinn                                                                              Maranthilen
Nindrathum                                                                                  Irunthadhum
Kidanthum ennenjulae".

In this, the alwar explains about how the Perumal is found in Ulagalandha koil as Thiru Ooragathaan, and as a Thoodhuvan (diplomat or representative) for Paandavas in Thiru Paadagam and likewise he explains the various positions of the Perumal and finally he says that he is found in his heart.

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