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Sri Subramaniaswami, Tiruttani, Tiruvallur

Sri Subramaniaswami
Valli, Deivanai
Thala Virutcham
Maguda tree
Kumara Tantra
Indira theertham, Saravana Poigai,Saraswathi theertham, Madachettikulam,Nallankulam
How Many Years old?
1000-2000 years old
Historical Name
Temple History
The story of Lord Muruga and Valli has a great message of philosophy.  Every one should walk towards the Almighty for liberation from the cycle of births and deaths.  The world we live in is a rented house and what our own is the feet of the Lord.  Almost all of us feel that this is ours and are hunting for material wealth and pleasures.  Enlightened souls understand this truth and they win illusions and reach the final destination-the feet of the Lord.
Fields – Thinaipuam where this grain is cultivated represents the material aspiration of people that it belongs only to them.  The bird coming to pick the grain is the symbol of divinity telling that the grain belongs to them-Gods.  We drive the birds.  Valli was the watch woman in the field driving the birds.  Lord Muruga, to enlighten her of this truth, came in the guise of an aged hunter and persuaded Her to marry Him.  When She refused, He threatened her through an elephant.  When Muruga embraced Her, the touch cleared Her illusions.  This event is celebrated as Valli Kalyanam.  The place is called Tiruthanigai where Lord Muruga shed his anger after defeating demon Sura in Tiruchendur.  In the days followed, the name changed as Tiruthani.
Thiruthani : Mirror Festival (Kannadi Sevai - where the Lord's Six faces are exposed through a mirror and worshipped)
10 day Masi big festival-wedding with Valli, 10 day Chithirai, Deivanai festival , Bharani and Kruthika star days flowing from Andra, Karnataka and Arcot. Kruthika.
Opening Time
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. continuously.
Sri Subramaniaswami Temple, Tiruthanigai, Tiruvallur district.
Phone : +91-44 2788 5303
Tiruthani is 97 km from Chennai, 42 km from Tiruvallur and 42 km from Kancheepuram.
Railway Station
Arakonam, Tiruvallur
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