Saturday, August 8, 2015

Madhurakavi Alwar History

Name : Madhurakavi Alwar
Place: Thirukollur
Star : Chithirai
Month : Chithirai
Year : Eeswara
Hamsam  : Ganamsam

During that period, an elderly Brahmin scholar named Madhurakavi was on his pilgrimage to north Indian shrines. At Ayodhya, the pilgrim saw an extraordinary sweet glowing light as a star on the southern sky. Keen on knowing the source whence it emanated he traveled southward. Even when he reached Srirangam, (near Trichy in Tamil Nadu) the light was visible in far south. He continued his quest till he reached kurugoor, where the light merged with the person in Nammalwar, seated blissfully under the tamarind tree. 

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