Monday, August 3, 2015

Thiruppaan Alwar History

Name : Thiruppaan Alwar. 
Place: Sri Rangam
Star : Rohini
Hamsam : small mole
Month : Kaarthigai
Year: Purthurmadhi
Birth Day : Wednesday

His Characters and all of his activities are same as that of a pure Vaishnavas have. Having a veena in his hand, he always sang on Sri Vishnu and his fame and spread his capabilities and the love he offers to his bhaktas, in his songs. Because of this, he is also named as "Paan perumal". 

The untouchable people are ordered not to keep their feets on Cauvery river. Because of this and to obey the order, Paan Alwar did not touch the Cauvery river, but stood along the banks of the river facing Thiruvaragam temple and sung various songs, praising the Lord. 

But, the Emperumaan wanted to explain the greatness and his Bhakthi of Thiruppaan Alwar towards Him and as an action to it, he started to play a small drama. 

The cauvery water is used for the Thirumanjanam for Sri Ranganadhar. Loga Saaranga Maha Muneetharar, who is the strict follower and a devoted bhakta of Sri Ranganathar, daily bring the cauvery water of Thriumanjanam. One day, when he was sleeping, he had a dream in which the Aranganadar explained about Paan Perumal and he should be taken on the shoulders of Loga Saaranga muni, without having the mind that he is an untouchable person. 

Loga Saarangamuni, who being the strong follower of Sri Vishnu, got up early next morning and went to the other side of Cauvery river and met Thiruppaan Alwar. On seeing him, he explained about the dream he had last night and told him that he should climb on his shoulders, so that he can be taken to the other side of the Cauvery river, where Sri Ranganathar is giving his seva. 

On hearing this, thiruppaan Alwar started crying, since he is not the right person, should climb on his shoulder, since Logasaranga Muni is a well known Vaishnavan.

But, Saranga Muni explained without having any jealous that on behalf of him only, Sriman Narayanan came in his dream and praised him that he is the person who will be honored if he climbs on his shoulders.
Thirupaan Alwar could not convince him and finally he sat on his shoulders

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